Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ahead of the Game

My head has reached mythical proportions, I think.

I’m serious! I think my skull has increased in size!

Today, I bent my head down and it actually started hurting. I think it was due to the massive size of my head.

I need to go and see a doctor because I don’t think your head is supposed to hurt when you bend it down. I mean, gravity isn’t supposed to affect your head like that, right?

In other news, two of the children bumrushed me today when I got home. I went to go pick up my mail from the community mailbox and…

Ino: “Reese!”

Reese: “No, no, no. Whatever it is, not today. My head really hurts...”

Ino [interrupts]: “Reese, I am selling desserts, jewelry, and other items for a fundraiser for my school. Would you be interested in purchasing something from my catalogue?”

Reese: “No.”

Ino: “Pleeeaaasssseeee? It’s for a good cause!”

Reese: “Wait a minute! I’ve seen your school. You guys aren’t hurting for anything.”

Ino: “Schools ALWAYS need money, Reese!”

Reese: “Meh….”

Ino: “C’mon! Buy just one thing.”

Reese: “Sigh. What kind of stuff are you selling?”

Ino: “Well, we’re selling…”

Sakura [Ino’s older sister]: “Here, here! Look at my catalogue!”

Ino: “Sakura!!!”

Reese [takes Sakura’s catalogue]: “Gimmie that.”

“Yeah, yeah, okay there’s something cheap enough for me to buy. Alright, I’ll get…uhh…one of these thingys.”

Ino: “Reese! You can’t order from Sakura and not get something from me!! I asked you first!!”

Reese: “Sigh. Gawd, you children are killing me!”

Ino: “Reese!!!”

Sakura: “Ino, leave Reese alone! Stop bothering her!!”

Ino: “That’s not right, Reese!!!”

Reese: “Gawd, chill!!”

Ino: “Chill?”

Reese: “Arrggg! I never said I wasn’t going to buy from you too, Ino!! What kind of a person do you think I am that I would buy from one sister and not from the other!?!”

Ino: [looks at Reese suspiciously]

Reese: “Here, gimmie your catalogue…”

“Alright, gimmie that. I want that thingy.”

Ino: “Yes! Alright!!!”

Sakura: “Hey!! That’s not fair! What you bought from Ino is more expensive than what you bought from me!”

Reese: “It’s only fifty cents difference!!”

Sakura: “It’s more!”

Reese: “Well…Ino got here first, so I gave her more.”

Sakura: “That’s not right!”

Reese: “Well look at it like this…you learned an important lesson: the early bird gets the worm.”

Sakura: “What?”

Reese: “Sigh…”

“Next time you have a school fundraiser get to the customers before your sister!!”

Ino: “Hehehehe, yeah, Sakura.”

Sakura: “Psssht! Whatever!”

Reese: “Alright, children. You got your money, now shoo! I gotta alleviate pressure from my head.”

Ino & Sakura: “What?”

Reese: “I gotta headache! I need to take some Advil.”

Ino: “Oh, okay.”

Sakura: “We’ll bring your stuff to you when it comes in!”

Reese: “Great…”

Ino & Sakura: “Thanx, Reese!!!”

Reese: “Whatever.”

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Blogger Amadeo said...

Did they give you the cute face and big eyes? I always tell the kids to use the cute face and big eyes when they sell my goods...I mean when they have fundraisers...yeah fundraisers.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Karla said...

Ay fundraisers!

8:15 PM  
Blogger This Girl I Used to Know said...

I tell kids with catalogs that if they take the catalogs away from me, I will give them cash that they can keep rather than end up with more of that school catalog crap in my house.

They usually take the deal.

8:09 AM  

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