Monday, May 23, 2005

Check it Out- Edition 4

Wow, it's been so long since I have done one of these. I have so many links to update, and so little time. Okay, here's your latest edition of Check it Out.

First, a little bit of shameless promotion. I, being the genius that I am, came up with the idea of starting a new blog where people can just chill and talk about junk without all of the hassle of coming up with interesting and elaborate posts. So, the name of the site is the Blogger Cooler. You can blame the following people for encouraging me with this idea as they are also contributors to the blog: Jerk of all Trades, Desiree, KOM, and our very own "Lisa" (not to be confused with Lisa). If you read my blog, you have to read the Blogger Cooler because...ummm...I'd appreciate it? Cool. So, Check it Out.

Have you ever wondered what's going on in Cairo, Egypt? If you're an American, probably not. But, if you're an American with curiosity...probably, not. But, you should still check out From Cairo, with Love just so you can get some edumacashun about stuff outside of North America. So, Check it Out.

Okay, finally, there's this boy I know. He lives in a magical land called Denvoid. He writes alot about Jessica Alba, and fingers in chilli, and imaginary internet girlfriends (don't ask). It's seriously one of the funniest blogs I've come across. And, I think you'll enjoy it too. So, go Check Out Jerk of all Trades.

Yea, so there you have it- Blogger Cooler, From Cairo, with Love, and Jerk of all Trades. I know I have to seriously update my links, so I'll have more Check it Out editions sooner rather than later.

Okay, you can get to reading now. :D


Blogger Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

Thanks Reese!


He SO SEXY & Good looking too!

I want him so.....DAMN, I thought you could leave anonymous comments!!

Stupid brain!!


12:12 PM  
Blogger Desiree said...

I agree, J's Blog is great.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

Wow, you are on with the funny today, J. ;)

12:23 PM  
Blogger Karla said...

I agree J's blog has to be one of the funniest i have read.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Mohamed said...

I'm blushing already Reese. You know, Cairo is not that far from America!

2:03 AM  
Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

Mohammed: You know, I think California is far away from America. Thus, and therefore, Egypt is on another planet. ;)

Is that how ya'll built the pyramids? Advanced alien technology? ;)

I'm just kidding, of course!! ;)

8:47 AM  
Blogger Mohamed said...

Well, did you ever see the pyramids in Mexico! Either aliens or Egyptians built that ;) (hope no Mexicans read this!)

8:50 AM  
Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

Mohamed: Maybe the Mayans were aliens too? Maybe the Mayans and the Eygptians are cousins? ;)

9:39 AM  

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