Wednesday, May 04, 2005

CC the Nuthead!

Man, I tried to post this pic on here using the stupid "Hello" application, but it didn't work. So, I have been forced to make you click on a link to my way old geocities account to do this little post.

Okay, by now everyone has seen Reese the Law Girl in South Park form. Well, if you go to the link below you'll see my sister, CC, in her South Park form. And, all I can say is- wow.

I mean, yea, the law girl carries a lightsaber. But, she's a superhero. She stands for truth, justice, and the American way. What does CC's caricature stand for? Homicidal maniacs? Why does it have an ax? Why is it happy that it has an ax? And why does it have an ax in an amusement park? I don't get it! How did I get a little sister with such violent tendencies?

If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself...

  • CC the Nuthead

    Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

    LOL! I think she just likes to mess with people. What better place to have a tool that could bring about such sadness then at a place where there is so much happiness.

    Deep, huh? ;)

    12:14 PM  
    Blogger Jomama said...

    lol, that picture is hilariously psychotic. Who is that on her shirt?

    12:42 PM  
    Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

    Rina: I have no idea! Probably the world's first female serial killer.

    1:06 PM  
    Blogger quincee said...

    reese, you are so funny! I don't know why cc is carrying an ax, but I have a question for you--does the pink tee and green superhero cape have significance? Just curious.

    P.S. I don't know about the hello thing either.

    1:08 PM  
    Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...


    Nah, not really. I am on a pink thing recently where everything I buy is pink, but other than that- it was the best superhero outfit I could find when building my lawgirl. :)

    Uhh, to answer your real question- no, I'm not an AKA. ;)

    1:28 PM  
    Blogger Karla said...

    I use photobucket to post pic's on here. They have a blog option on there and it is really easy to use. Wow...i don't know what to say about CC's southpark version.

    2:26 PM  
    Blogger Desiree said...


    I told ya girl, use photobucket!

    Hello workds too, but if you also have Picasa. Did you download the picasa along with it? They work together.

    2:37 PM  
    Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

    Okay, Karla and Dez have convinced me. I will use photobucket! :)

    Dez, I didn't download Picassa or whatever. I guess that's why it didn't work. I thought you didn't have to download both. Whatever. I'm using photobucket from now on. :)

    2:45 PM  
    Blogger Desiree said...

    Ok...but if you download picasa it sure does make things easy!

    3:46 PM  
    Blogger KOM said...

    She's your sister. You tell us what's up with that grin and axe!

    I've been using Flickr. I find it easier to just post the HTML rather than deal with the "flickr-approved" methods.

    I used Hello for a while, though. The program is F'd up, imho. I hate to read manuels, so I played with it for a whole night before it started to behave. But I still disliked it becuase it would post the picture as the whole post, not allowing me to save it as a draft and revise.

    2:18 AM  
    Blogger Jomama said...

    Hold on-- did you create that South Park picture? Is there a website where you can do that?

    5:31 AM  
    Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

    Rina: Yea, there's this cool page that will help you build a South Park character. The link is below. Shout out to the Diva for showing me the way. :D

    7:01 AM  
    Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

    No, CC gave her the ax. You go to the website and make your own character. I'm not distrubed enough to give a cute little girl an ax. ;)

    11:26 AM  
    Blogger Caro said...


    man, i love south park......god bless, lol.

    loves your south park form, btw.

    and use photobucket not Hello!!

    go to, make an account, upload the photos, it'll give you the photo's url, and then to post on blogger you could make it so that you could post straight from photobucket with all the photos you want


    8:25 AM  

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