Saturday, March 12, 2005

Observations About the ACC Tournament

Oh, man! Oh, man! You guys will not believe this! But, I, Reese the Law Girl, actually got tickets to the Atlantic Coast Conference Men's Basketball Tournament.

I went last night! It was soo wild. Me and my worker bee friend decided to go on a whim. We didn't think we would actually get tickets. But, then we found a scalper...I mean, nice young man who sold us tickets.

We were in the 11th row! The 11th row! Right off of the floor. We were so close, that if I wanted to, I could have slapped J.J. Redick in the face. It was so awesome!

Okay, here's what I noticed while at the ACC Tournament:

  1. Cheerleaders are 4 feet tall.
  2. Only old White men get tickets to these things. Seriously, we were the only colored girls in our section. Which, I guess makes sense since we were sitting in the rich people section.
  3. I swear I saw Olympic gymnast Paul Hamm (or maybe it was his twin brother) just a few rows down from me.
  4. Daniel Ewing of Duke- kinda hot. I hate myself for saying that.
  5. Duke sucks (okay, now I feel like I have redeemed myself).
  6. I love Julius Hodge. He has so much passion for the game. Definitely root for NC State in the national tournament.
  7. That being said, NC State needs a new mascot. A men's team should not have a girl, in a dress, as a mascot. Now, I'm feminist and all, but c'mon! Even I have to admit, a girl mascot for a men's basketball team, makes the guys look like punks.
  8. Maryland fans rock! Even if their team isn't playing, to stand and cheer as hard as they can for the teams that play against word- awesome!
  9. By the way, Duke sucks!
  10. And, finally- I can't wait for the Big Dance to start!

Okay, so those are my observations. You should know that for the next 4 weeks, Something Different is going March Madness crazy! Just an FYI. So, move your eyes up and learn about the Something Different Bracket Challenge. It's going to be a blast!

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