Saturday, February 12, 2005

Take a Break- Play a Game!

Let’s play a game, kiddies! Can you count all of the stupid things Reese did during the last week of January? We’ll go through Reese’s activities for the week and see all of the Kobe Bryant moments she had.

For this game, you’ll get 1 point for finding each stupid thing. AND, you’ll get an additional 10 points if you can argue which day was Reese’s dumbest day. Here’s a hint: it’s because of Reese’s actions on this day, that Reese missed her first day of her brand, spanking new job.

All right! Let’s Begin!!


1) It snows a lot, so Reese stays inside.


1) Reese wakes up to eat breakfast.

2) Reese gets ready to meet with her new mentor who’s going to give her some awesome contacts, so she can get an even better job than the job that she just got.

3) Reese decides to wear pants to her meeting since there’s snow on the ground and it’s 10 below 0 outside.

4) Reese wears a cute, brown, summer blouse. Because it’s the only blouse she has that matches those pants, duh!

5) Reese also wears her cute, although completely inappropriate for the weather, red pea coat.

6) Reese also decides to wear her very warm scarf; but, not around her neck. It’s hanging fashionably from her coat.

7) Reese goes outside to her car and cleans the snow off of it. In the process, she inhales several inches of snow into her lungs (because her scarf wasn’t around her neck and mouth, just hanging from her coat).

8) Reese makes it to her meeting with her mentor.


1) Reese chills at home, relishing her last days of non-labor.

2) Reese gets hungary and decies to go out to get some lunch.

3) The temperature is only 5 below 0 today.

4) Reese wears her red pea coat outside again. This time, she doesn’t button it.

5) Reese comes back home, but doesn’t feel so good. She thinks she has a cold.


1) Reese wakes up this morning, and notices that her breathing sounds funny. Like a donkey that’s been run-over by an 18-wheeler and clinging onto its last thread of conscious life:

Reese: “Heeeee-hawww. Heeee-haaawwww….Hmmm, that doesn’t sound right? Oh, well, time to watch some ‘Jem’…..Heeeee-haaawww….”

2) Reese decides that her breathing isn’t really a problem that she should consult her family doctor about.


1) Reese feels miserable.

2) Reese prays to God that she’ll be okay.

3) Reese rationalizes that she just has a cold; although, she really needs CPR to breath and her body is on fire!

4) Now Reese begs to God that she doesn’t die.

5) Reese’s mother, being smarter then Reese, gets Reese an appointment with the doctor.

6) Reese’s doctor tells Reese that she has bronchitis that is on the verge of turning into pneumonia.

7) Reese asks her doctor if she can still go to work tomorrow.

8) Reese’s doctor tells her that it’s better to be jobless than dead.

9) Reese says that’s a matter left open for some debate.

10) Reese suddenly has a severe dizzy spell and rethinks what she just said.

11) Reese decides that it is better to be jobless than dead and agrees that she won’t go to work tomorrow.


1) Reese spends her 1st day of work at home, swallowing 600mg of antibiotics and 2 tablespoons of codeine laced cough syrup that has the side effect of making Reese more nervous than a crack-head.


1) Reese is still recovering from bronchitis.

2) Reese wonders how she got herself into this mess.

She eventually decides that it’s all Kobe Bryant’s fault.

Okay! Did you get all of the “stoopid” things Reese did or thought? Remember, 10 extra points if you can make a case for Reese’s stupidest day of the week. You can respond in the comments section and I’ll pick the bonus winner later this week.

Peace out! And, try not to be as stupid as Reese!

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Blogger Karla said...

Hey Reese,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to say that i love reading your blog you always make me laugh. I hope that you feel better soon and yes it is better to be jobless then dead.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Suhir said...

Ok The day you went to your doctor was clearly your super dumb day. Don't play with Bronchitis. As always funny as Hell.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous The opinionated git said...

I agree with Suhir, clearly your stupidest day was when you went to you your doctor - You should know that visiting your doctor vastly increases your chances of getting diagnosed with an illness... You know that more people die in hospitals than any other government facility?

7:48 AM  

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