Monday, January 24, 2005

Check it Out- Edition 1

So, I've come up with a new thing I'll do from time to time. Whenever I see something cool and interesting on the web, I'll link to the site and talk about it here, in my new series, Check it Out.

Edition 1 of Check it Out is the website of my good buddie of 40 years, Leslye. Her site, Phatalspin, is a vlog.

"A vlog?" you say. Yes, a vlog. I didn't know these existed either.

Anyways, a vlog is a video blog. All of Leslye's entries are videos. And, they're really cool. I particularly enjoyed "How to Tell a Pirate Joke" and the video tribute to Leslye's dad. Also, "People are Gonna Wanna Look at That?" is cool too. This entry follows Leslye's brother to a real life Hollywood audition! (by the way, don't get any ideas ladies- Paul has already promised me that he'll become best friends with Orlando Bloom and deliver said Orlando Bloom to my doorstep ;p).

Anyways, the link to Phatalspin is to the right. Under the "Links" section for those under the tutelage of Kobe Bryant. So, Check it Out.


Blogger Lez said...

As soon as my people negotiate the particulars with your people, Phatalspin dot com will be doing an exclusive expose Reese the law girl. The world must know!!

11:56 PM  

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