Friday, July 21, 2006

Welcome to a Dysfunctional Relationship: Day 193 to Day 355.


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Blogger "Lisa" said...

Finally it is done!!!!. I am now taking applications for a new boyfriend!!! oh and Dez like ayear ago I put a post up about the demise of my relationship. It was up for months before Reese made me take it down. You could have had all the mystery solved long ago.

Hmm.... Thinking..... What ever happened to my blog......

5:02 PM  
Blogger Brother Kojak said...


I would have asked a question, but I really didn't understand what the heck was up with the whole thing.
I would put my application in for your new boyfriend, but there are 2 reasons:
1.) My divorce is not finalized
2.) You're not a white girl (No, no preference of white girls, just trying to prove a point to my readers)
3.) I drive a bucket.

If it means anything, you sound really good. We want to see the myspace goods!!!

5:10 PM  
Blogger Desiree said...

Hmph. I was hoping for more description than THAT REESE! Why'd they break up and junk? You need to stop listening to The Jets and start focusing on the writing. Haha! Kidding =)

11:02 AM  

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