Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You Don't Always Get What You Wish For

So, you know I sometimes have these weird dreams. I had this dream once where “Lisa” and I got sucked into an alternate universe…

A comic book universe…

The DC comic book universe.

Which is weird because I am actually a total Marvel girl. Yet, for some reason the alternate universe that I got sucked into was the DC Comic-verse.

Specifically, “Lisa” and I landed inside the Justice League’s headquarters. I’m pretty sure that my dream took place in DC Comic land because of my love and obsession with Wonder Woman. In any case, if I remember correctly, the dream went something like this (keep in mind, the dream sequence is incomplete because, duh, it’s a dream)…

Reese [sitting next to “Lisa” on a bench inside Justice League Headquarters]:


Lisa: “What in the hell?”

Reese: “Where are we?”

Lisa: “And how did we get here?”

As “Lisa” and I try to figure out what is going on, Wonder Woman enters the room…

Lisa: “What did you do, Reese?!?”

Reese: “Me?!? I didn’t do anything!!!”

Lisa: “I know this is your fault. If I don’t get back home, I swear I’m going to…”

Wonder Woman: “Who are you people?”

Reese & Lisa: [silent and awestruck]

Wonder Woman: “I said, “who are you people?” How did you get in here?”

Reese: “Oh. My. God.”

Lisa: “You…you’re…you’re…”

Wonder Woman [getting agitated]: “Who let you into JL Headquarters?”

Reese [freaking out]: “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!!”

Lisa [equally freaked out]: “YOU’RE WONDER WOMAN!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!”


Wonder Woman: “That’s nice, but…”


Wonder Woman: “Are you fans or something?”

Reese: “Fans?!?! Fans?!?!?! Like, you’re biggest fans, hello?!?!”

Immediately, “Lisa” and I run up to Wonder Woman and grab her arm and poke her in the shoulder to see if she’s real…

Reese [poking Wonder Woman in the shoulder]: “OH MY GOD!!! SHE IS TOTALLY REAL!!!”

Lisa [shaking Wonder Woman’s arm]: “OH MY GOD!!! YOU REALLY DO EXIST!!! YOU’RE REAL!!!”

Wonder Woman: “Uh-huh…okay…could you just…”

Reese & Lisa: [continue poking and shaking Wonder Woman]

Wonder Woman [slapping our hands away]: “Could you just…stop…stop…GET OFF OF ME!!!”

Reese & Lisa: [wisely stop bothering Wonder Woman]

Wonder Woman [speaking into an ear piece]: “Calling all JL members: Please come immediately to the control room. We have a situation.”

Now, for some reason, this scene just ends and the next thing in the dream is that “Lisa” and I are again sitting on the same bench, but now Batman and Superman have come into the room. The two super boys and Wonder Woman are standing in front of “Lisa” and me discussing how the two of us got into their headquarters. Also, for some reason, the superheroes are much bigger than “Lisa” and I, and are looking down at us; hence, “Lisa” and I are looking up to them…

Superman: “So you say you walked into the room and they were just sitting there?”

Wonder Woman: “Yeah.”

Batman [looking at us suspiciously]: “And then they freaked out when they realized that you were Wonder Woman?”

Wonder Woman: “Yeah.”

Superman: “Well, I’m sure they are just harmless fans who somehow found a security breach to get into HQ and meet Wonder Woman. We’ll just find out how they did it, fix the breach, and send them home. Problem solved.”

Batman [still looking at us suspiciously]: “I don’t think you’ve got that right Superman. It’s clear that these young women are from a parallel dimension and somehow got sucked into our universe.”

Wonder Woman [perplexed]: “Uh…and how exactly were you able to come to that conclusion?”

Batman: “Well, you said they kept saying that they couldn’t believe that you were real. Obviously, in their world you are not real, but some sort of character…”

Wonder Woman & Superman: “Hmmmm….”

Batman [speaking matter of factly]: “Also, just look at them. They are dorks. No one in our world is that dorky.”

Wonder Woman & Superman: “True…this is true…”

Now, while the superheroes continue to discuss what’s going on, “Lisa” and I come to a conclusion of our own…

Reese [whispering to Lisa]: “This is the coolest thing ever! We have to find a way to stay here!”

Lisa [whispering to Reese]: “I agree! But, how?”

Reese: “Well, we read the comic books. We know stuff. We can help them fight crime and junk based on what we know about their stories.”

Lisa: “Yeah! We’ll tell them what we know and then they’ll beg us to stay.”

Reese: “Yeah!”

Somehow, “Lisa” and I thought this was a brilliant plan…

Reese [interrupting the Superheroes]: “Ahem…excuse me, excuse me. Now that Batman has figured out how and where we came from, we would like to offer the suggestion that the two of us stay here and become Justice League members.”

Wonder Woman, Superman, & Batman: [silence]

Lisa: “Uhhh, you see, we feel we could be invaluable members of your team because of our immense knowledge. Really, you’d be crazy not to make us Justice League members.”

Reese: “Yeah, so what do you say?”

Wonder Woman, Superman, & Batman:


Wonder Woman: “You two? Justice League members? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

Superman: “HA! And what can you do? Appear and reappear with no knowledge of how, why, or where you are? “Immense knowledge” indeed!”

Wonder Woman and Superman:


Lisa: “Gee, it wasn’t that funny of an idea…”

Batman [eyeing the girls suspiciously]: “Exactly what kind of “immense knowledge” do you girls think you have?”

Reese [not liking the way Batman is looking at her and “Lisa”]: “Uhhh, well…we know stuff because on our world you guys are in comic books and we read comic books, so we know your stories…”

Batman [looking kind of evil]: “Really?”

Reese: “Yeah, so we know what the bad guys are doing and how you can stop them.”

Superman [stops laughing]: “Haha…hmmm…actually, that could come in handy…”

Batman [looking increasingly evil]: “What else do you know based on your comic books?”

Reese [being purposefully vague as Batman is beginning to creep her out]:

“Well, you know some other stuff…”

Batman: “What other stuff?”

Lisa [completely clueless that now may not be the right time to be honest]:

“Oh, we know EVERYTHING!!!”

Batman: “Everything?”

Lisa: “Yeah, we know who’s going to die, who’s going to become a traitor, who’s going to turn good…we even know what your secret ident…”

Reese [immediately covers up Lisa’s mouth]:

“Uhhh…haha…uhh…what she means to say is we know what the bad guys think is your secret identities. But…uhhh…the bad guys are always wrong about that…you know…”

Superman: “Hmmm…this is intriguing. Give us a moment to discuss this…”

As Superman and Wonder Woman discuss me and “Lisa” joining the Justice League, Batman ignores their conversation and continues to give me and “Lisa” the evil eye…

Lisa: “Hey, man! What’s the big idea?!? Why did you stop me from telling them that we know their secret identities?”

Reese: “Ummm, hello?!?! Are you crazy!?!?! Didn’t you see the way Batman was looking at us!?!? If he found out we knew he was really Bruce Wayne, I’m quite certain that he would kill us.”

“Lisa” looks over at Batman and Batman makes the “cutting your throat” gesture.

Reese: “See!!!”

Lisa: “Oh, man, you’re right! In fact, I think Batman is going to kill us!”

Reese: “We gotta find a way out of here!!”

Lisa: “And fast!!”

Superman [walks over to us]: “Good news ladies! We’ve decided that you can join the Justice League.”

Reese: “Uhhh, yeah, about that…”

Wonder Woman: “Welcome to the league new superheroes!!”

Lisa: “Uhhh…actually…we would like to go home…”

Superman: “Ohhh, don’t be silly. You’re going to stay with us FOREVER!!”

“Batman, will you get these two settled into their new quarters?”

Batman: “Certainly, Superman.”

[Reese & Lisa look at each other uneasily]

Wonder Woman: “Make sure to take good care of our new members, Bats.”

Batman [putting two heavy hands on each of our shoulders]: “Oh, I will take care of these two, Wonder Woman. I’ll take really, really good care of these two.”

As Superman and Wonder Woman leave the room, “Lisa” and I can only think to do one thing…


Superman: “Batman kill two totally defenseless and weak persons just because he thinks they may be a threat?”

“Well, it’s possible, but I’m going to bet that you two will be okay. Let’s go Wonder Woman.”

Wonder Woman: “See you girls at dinner!”

Reese & Lisa: “NO WAIT!!! WAIT!!!”

Batman: “C’mon on girls, let’s go. All of your screaming is just delaying the inevitable…”

Reese & Lisa: “OOOOHHHH MAN!!!!”

And then, that was it. The dream ended and I woke up.

I swear it’s one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had. This is probably why I still remember it. Also, I always remember the dreams where I have an untimely demise. But, to this day I can’t think of why I had this particular dream. The best I can come up with is that my subconscious took one of my biggest wishes from childhood and coupled it with my biggest fear (dying) and put the two together in one mega nightmare.

I still can’t believe that I went out like that though. Batman is such a bastard!

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Blogger This Girl I Used to Know said...

Wonder Woman is a WAY COOLER celebrity sighting than DMX. I'm jealous!

7:32 AM  
Blogger Karla said...

I agree with This girl, Wonder Woman is WAY COOLER.

I think you guys need ACM to come and help you guys out.

It was great being able to talk to you yesterday. Just remember Javi will be here :)

10:09 AM  
Blogger Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

You've got problems.

Was it the Zan & Jayna Justice League or the Wendy, Marvin & Wonder mutt Justice League?

10:45 AM  
Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...


Girlie: I agree! One day I really do hope to meet the "real" Wonder Woman (aka Lynda Carter). I did see her house once as she lives in Maryland. But, I would love to meet her. That would be the coolest celebrity sighting ever! ;)

J: Okay, I think this was the Wonder Twins JL because the HQ looked like the HQ in the "Super Friends." Which was really weird, because it was like we were in a cartoon, but not.

This dream was freakin' weird...

11:16 AM  
Blogger KOM said...

That's great.

I love Batman's "it's obvious they're from a differnt dimension" speech - that could have been straight from the show. Those Super Friends swallowed some pretty crazy ideas without a second thought.

And I have to disagree that no one in that dimension is as dorky. As J mentioned: Marvin. Oh dear lord, please tell us that your Dork has not metastized to that level, yet.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Caro said...

des is also trying to come.

you guys have to come!!!!

2:36 PM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

I wonder if I told you about the serious issues the guy that created Wonder Woman had would it affect your view of sure did mine.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Karla said...

Javi, Javi, Javi!!!!!!!!

11:07 PM  

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