Friday, March 16, 2007


I'm in first place in the SD Bracket Challenge!!!

YATTAA!!!!!!! (This is a Heroes reference; you'll get it if you watch the show).

I'm celebrating my first place finish after the first day of the tournament because I know I will never, ever, ever be in first place again!


Here are the standings after day 1...


1. This is Why I'm Hot(This is me- and now you know why I'm hot) 17pts.

2. The Legendary Sannin(This is my sister- she has zero basketball knowledge) 15pts.

3. TEAM BIG BOY(This is "Lisa's" co-worker- he picked all the #1's for the final four...I know, he's crazy) 14pts.

4. AkronGotScrewed(This is Derek. He's a mid-major head. He refuses to bow down to the ACC (not Duke) like I told him too) 14pts.

5. AntiPimp w/o a Golf(This is fellow law-boy Alex. He's a Duke fan. Yes, you may celebrate his misery) 14pts.

6. Team McC (This is another co-worker of "Lisa's." And another tragedy of believing in Duke) 13pts.

7. The Jones Factor(This is another friend of "Lisa's." She has a lot of basketball knowledge- which means she's going to lose the bracket challenge) 13pts.

8. Haven'tWatchedAGameYet (This is my friend ToyaDe. She hasn't watched any basketball this season. And it shows- booo-yah!) 13pts.

9. Team Playboy (This is the boy who sent me flowers. He thinks he's hot. He doesn't know he's only a little hot ;)) 12pts.

10. The Winner (This is "Lisa." And this is what happens to you when you declare yourself the winner) 12pts.

11. Team Lewis (I believe this is "Lisa's" cousin. I'm not sure, but if it is then don't let the bad first showing fool you. He'll probably end up in the top 3) 11pts.

12. Team Desiree (Awww, poor Dez! But, she's gonna beat all of us in the end when her son becomes the #1 pick in the NBA draft 20 years from now) 8pts.

13. The Flossy Flossy (This is "Lisa's" sister. She forgot to go back and make her picks, therefore guaranteeing that the rest of us won't be in last place. Thanx! ;)) 0pts.

I'll post new standings after Round 2. Root for me!! ;)

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Blogger KOM said...

I'm not so good at spelling... still, I'm pretty sure YATTAA doesn't spell "save the girl, save the world."

10:45 AM  
Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...


Okay, first of all it's "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World."

[Reese shakes head]

And, secondly, "yattaa" is a celebratory phrase- smarty pants. ;p~~~

11:40 AM  
Blogger Karla said...

Heroes is a great show. Yay for being first in the bracket challenge.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Desiree said...

Hey Hiro!
I dont care cause my Bruins are still in it!!! :) Yattaaaaaaaaaaaa

2:46 PM  

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