Saturday, October 25, 2008

She's a Bad Girl

What do you do when you know something is bad for you, but you just can't stay away? There's a new magical fairy in my life. She was supposed to replace the old, when purchased, and totally abusive ogre known as Vicky3, but now I'm not too sure. Le Sigh. Well, introductions are in order, so everyone meet Vicky4....



Okay, first of all, Vicky4 really is a bad @$$ computer. I mean, she's so loaded with crap that I shouldn't have to buy another laptop for years! But, Vicky4 also comes with baggage, aka Windows Vista, so she's not really living up to her full potential.

Now before you Mac-bots (PJ I'm looking at you) start yelling at me telling me I should have bought a MacBook Pro, I want you to know I considered that. Since I had to learn a new operating system anyways with Vista, I thought I might as well consider getting a MacBook with it's not completely foreign, but still a bit weird, OS. Well, here's the thing with Apple....

Apple kinda blows.

A lot.

Yeah, Apple blows just as much as Microsoft really. I mean, honestly Apple and Microsoft are like two politicians: both are dirty, but you gotta pick the lesser of two evils and hope for the best.

Look, I know a little about Apple. I have an iPhone. In fact, I've had two iPhones (sold the 1st gen on Ebay for more than I bought it for...people are nuts, huh?). And, for the record, I flove the iPhone! I also recognized that Apple has intentionally held the iPhone back from being as useful as it could be while it attempts to patent the Universe before Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, etc. And, therein lies the problem with all Apple products.

The MacBook Pro is more expensive than a Dell XPS and it's outdated before it even leaves Cupertino or San Francisco or Beijing or where ever it is that Apple does its dirty business. For whatever reason (a pact with the devil or currently adapting alien tech which will be useful in 100 years when I'm dead!), the MacBook Pro doesn't come with a Blue Ray drive!

I mean really! What the heck is up with that Apple? Are we going to give Beta another try? With the slight exception of the video card, I get everything else on a Dell for two-third's (or less) of the MacBook price AND I can play and BURN Blue Ray disks. AND, to top it all off, Dell comes in pink. So, Dell wins (Microsoft wins by default).

Well, alright so I voted for the Dell/Vista ticket, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with Dell's VP candidate (now I understand how McCain supporters feel). Let me tell you, please don't believe the Mojave/I'm a PC commercials. I mean, I didn't believe Microsoft's slick advertising, although I did think it was kind of funny calling out Apple on its pretentiousness. That being said, VISTA SUCKS HARD!

I've had Vicky4 for one day, and I've already spent three hours on the phone with Microsoft and Dell! And, I'm not an idiot. I do know how to watch movies and get on the internets (typo, but I'm leaving it).

Yes, my Iron Man DVD is an actual DVD and not a CD. And, yeah, I'm pretty sure that I didn't download a counterfeit version of Internet Explorer (what? isn't it free anyways?) which in turn disabled my virus protection. Oh, wait you mean Vista did that? Oh, yeah, that's what I thought.


Anyways, after 12 hours of set up time in which Vicky4 had to be restored not once, but twice!, Vicky4 appears to be fully operational.

Now, I don't know what's in store for the future, but for now Vicky4 is pretty cool. I'm digging this Windows Live Writer. Perhaps, I'll be writing more often now that I've shelved Vicky3. Or perhaps I'm full of crap and will do what I usually do which is nothing since I've moved to Florida.

Yeah, yeah, I'm liking the latter option.

So, for what it's worth say hello to Vicky4. I'm not responsible if she bites.


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