Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Racism in the Justice System

This is actually Lisa’s story. Remember “Lisa?” Assistant District Attorney in Georgia and crazy girl who has odd tastes in men and even odder ideas about effective relationships?

Oh, just go click her name over at the sidebar if you don’t remember.

Now, some background information: In the state of Georgia, sheriffs have control of their prisons. So, if they are taking a prisoner from another county, they have the right to send said prisoner back to the county of origin if they don’t want the prisoner anymore. Like because the prisoner is causing too much trouble or something.

Did that make sense?

I hope so, or you’re totally not going to get this story.

Enjoy it for what it's worth.

PS: Everyone in this story speaks with a southern accent. You need to know this so you get the whole effect.

Sherriff John: “Hey, Lisa. Did I ever tell you what happened a while back when I had to transport some prisoners to this new prison in Dade County, Georgia?”

Lisa: “No, you didn’t tell me.”

Sherriff John: “Oh, yeah, well see a while back I was transferring some prisoners to Dade County. It was just me and Deputies Smith and Wesson. We were transporting about 20 prisoners, most of them black. They were all handcuffed, but we didn’t have them in ankle chains or anything, because these guys weren’t especially violent. Well, except we were transporting Willy Jenkins…”

Lisa: “THE Willy Jenkins?”

Sherriff John: “Yup, ma’am. THE Willy Jenkins.”

Lisa: “Oh, this is gonna be good!”

Sherriff John: “Alright, now pay attention ‘cause you ain’t heard nothing yet.”

“So, like I was saying a while back we was transferring the prisoners to Dade County…”

A While Back…

Deputy Smith: “Sherriff John…we’re here.”

Sherriff John: “Alright everyone just sit tight. Let me go get Sherriff Duke (Dade County Sherriff) and we’ll get ya’ll all situated in your new cells soon enough.”

Sherriff John: “So, I tell one of the Dade County deputies that we’re here to drop off some prisoners and to let Sherriff Duke know we’re here. I’m waiting on the bus, you know, waiting for Sherriff Duke to sign the paperwork and take the prisoners. Yeah, so he finally shows up. He walks right up onto the bus and says…”

Sherriff Duke: “Wooo-weee, boy! If I had known you were bringin’ all these n*gg*rs here I would have put up a rope and a noose!”

Lisa: “WHAT THE F----!?!?”

Sherriff John: “Yes, ma’am he said that! Right in front of the prisoners and everything.”

Lisa: “And what did you say?”

Sherriff John: “Well, I was shocked. I even thought I didn’t hear Sherriff Duke properly. So, I says…”

Sherriff John: “Ummm…what…excuse me, but…uhhh…what did you just say?”

Sherriff Duke [clears throat and starts talking slowly]:


“Gee-weee, boy, you retarded or somethin’?”

Sheriff John: “Ummm…”

Sheriff Duke: “Alright, now, I’ll sign for these boys this time. Get ‘dem ready to head on out.”

Lisa: “You didn’t actually hand over those prisoners to that Sherriff?”

Sherriff John: “What was I supposed to do? We had orders to send them to the prison in Dade County. Of course, explaining this to the prisoners was not so easy…”

Prisoner #1: “I ain’t getting off this bus!”

Prisoner #2: “You a crazy whitey if you think we getting’ off this bus!”

Sheriff John: “Now look fellas, I understand…”

Prisoner #3: “Cracka you is crazy!!! We ain’t getting off this bus!!!!”

Sherriff John: “If I could turn back around and put you back in my jail, I would. But the transfer is complete. You’re Sherriff Duke’s prisoners now. So, if you’ll just get up in an orderly fashion…”


Sheriff John: “Now, Willy…”

Willy Jenkins: “I’M GONNA KICK HIS MOTHER-F*&%$#@ ASS!!!”

Sherriff John: “Willy, please…”


Sherriff John: “Willy, I understand how you feel…”

Willy Jenkins: “GRASSSSS!!!!!”

Lisa: “Oh my god! So what did you do? Were you able to actually get them off the bus?”

Sherriff John: “Well, it was really difficult. And, it was only me and Deputies Smith and Wesson on the bus. We thought it was going to be riot and we were going to have to start tazering people. But, through the lord god almighty, I was finally able to convince the prisoners that they had to leave the bus.”

Sherriff John: “Alright, Sherriff Duke. We’re ready for you.”

Sherriff Duke: “Woooo-weeee, Suuuzzzyyy Q! I mean, you ain’t even got these n*ggr*sss chained up properly and hog-tied…”

Sherriff John [whispers to Sherriff Duke]: “Sherriff Duke, if you would just not say anything…”

Sherriff Duke: “What you say, boy?!?”

Sherriff John: “Sherriff, we don’t want to get the prisoners riled up, you know?”

Sherriff Duke: “Well, that’s what I got the n*gg*r killer for…”

[Sheriff Duke points to his gun]

Sherriff Duke [stroking his gun]: “I calls her Bessie!”

Sherriff John: “Oh, dear god...please let me live through this. Please…”

Lisa: “Wow, Sherriff. That was a crazy story!”

“Really, I didn’t realize you’ve been in law enforcement for so long. I mean that you’ve had to deal with people who were so blatantly racist and crazy. That’s so horrible.”

Sherriff John: “Lisa, what are you talking about? This just happened back in 1996.”

Lisa: “WHAT?!?!”

Sherriff John: “Yeah, and the story doesn’t end there…”

“The very next day, I get to my office. It must have been 8 o’clock in the morning. Anyways, I get a phone call. It’s from Sherriff Duke…”

Sherriff Duke: “Woooo-wweeeee boy you better come get yo’ ass down here to Dade County right now!!!”

Sherriff John: “What? What is it Sherriff Duke?”

Sherriff Duke: “That n*gg*r Willy Jenkins done beat my ASS!!!!”

Sherriff John: “What?”

Sherriff Duke: “Prisoner Willy Jenkins! We was putting the prisoners in their cells and I was directing that n*gg*r where to go and as soon as he got close to me he started beating my ASS!!!”

Sherriff John [trying to hold in the laughter]: “Ummm…*snicker*…wow…that’s…*snicker*…horrible.”

Sherriff Duke: “You dang right that’s horrible!! I mean that boy really beat my ASS! I’m missing teeth and everything right now!”

Sherriff John: “I’m so sorry…”

Sherriff Duke: “He beat me down and kept saying, “YO ASS IS GRASSSS!!! YO ASS IS GRASS!!!”

Sherriff John: “Oh…hahaha…I mean…ummm…how unfortunate…”

Sherriff Duke: “Now you look here, you come get this boy! You come get him now! I can’t have prisoners beating my ASS!!! I rescind the transfer, you here me?!?!”

Sherriff John: “Yes, Sherriff. I’ll send some deputies to come pick up Willy.”

Sherriff Duke: “Woooo-weeeee, I can’t believe this mess!!! I mean he really beat my ASS!”

Sherriff John: “Yes, I understand Sherriff.”

Sherriff Duke: “I didn’t even get a chance to use Bessie!”

Sherriff John: “Hehehe…yeah, that’s…too bad about Bessie…”

Sherriff Duke: “COME GET THIS BOY NOW!!!”


Sherriff John: “Yeah, that’s some funny stuff, huh?”

Lisa: “Totally is!”

Sherriff John: “Yup.”

Lisa: “But there’s one thing I don’t get. Didn’t Sherriff Duke know that Willy Jenkins had made threats against him on the bus?”

Sherriff John: “Nah, he didn’t know.”

Lisa: “You mean you didn’t tell him that Willy had threatened him?!?! But, you’re always supposed to tell other law enforcement when a prisoner makes a threat!”

Sherriff John: “As far as I’m concerned…sometimes people gotta do what they gotta do. Sure, Willy made a threat. But who am I to go warning other people about stuff. I’m nobody [wink, wink].”

Lisa: “Yeah, I got you Sherriff. I got you.”

“So, what did Willy say when the Deputies picked him up.”

Sherriff John: “Oh, Willy. He only had one thing to say…”

Willy Jenkins: “I told you his ass was grass.”

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Blogger Brother Kojak said...

You know, for some reason this story doesn't surprise me that much. What's funny is that the Sheriff got his ass whopped and STILL referred to the brotha as a ni@@er.

Ignorance is bliss, I tell you!

2:03 PM  
Blogger "Lisa" said...

We got a good laugh at this story at work. FYI they were not in handcuffs or leg irons. It was only 2 deputies and 30 prisons (20 black). The seriff beat Willy down pretty bad for this but it got him out of that jail so he thought it was worth it. When Brian (one of the deputies in the story) told me this story I was so shocked. BUT, it was pretty sweet how he failed to mention Willy was crazy and planned to whip the sheriffs ass. It really made my respect for Brian grow by leaps and bound.

AND DONT FORGET DADE COUNTY is really the name of the county. NEVER stop there if you are black.

4:52 PM  
Blogger derek said...

Sherriff Duke got knocked the !@#$# out. Those are the cops that Ice-T referred to in "Cop Killer"...

...and people wonder why there's such a distrust of the police, even by law-abiding black folks.

Because these bigoted assholes still exist.

Duck Sherriff Fuke!

1:03 AM  
Blogger Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

Willy Jenkins: 1
Dumbass mutherphuc-r: 0

Never stop there if you're black?!
How about never stop there.
I've been down south. There's some really great things about the south and it's culture (mostly the food), and then there were some jawdropping, "what friggin Twilight Zone episode am I IN/are you joking?!" things still going on down there.
It really was a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

8:36 AM  
Blogger This Girl I Used to Know said...

Yup... sounds like Georgia.

Hilarious telling of a funny / disturbing story, though :)

8:56 AM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

Just the name Willy Jenkins makes me think dude can fight.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

I need Willy Jenkins in my life. Maybe I can rent him for when the going gets rough at my workplace.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

What up Reese? Long Time!

7:19 PM  
Blogger Juicy77 said...

I am not surprised. And it's not just Georgia. I was called a nigger on my own turf in 1994 by some redneck kids from Frederick, Maryland (and before that at Virginia and Daytona beach). I could have used a Willy Jenkins back then.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Juicy77 said...

On top of that the entire police force in one MD city were card carrying members of the KKK who chased one of our basketball teams (and their parents) out of town - literally - pick up trucks and all. It was a modern day lynch mob.

9:33 AM  

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