Friday, March 25, 2005

Damn You March Madness!!

DISCLAIMER: The following post contains explicit language. Please read at your own risk!

Damn it!!!

Damn it, Damn it, Damn it!!

I @#^%&*^ hate the tourney!

Damn it!

Oklahoma State, Wakeforest, and Syracuse you're all a bunch of bastards!!


Damn it!!

@!#$%^* Bastards!

*&^%$#@ screwed up my bracket!!!

You damn Bastards!!



Blogger Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...


Friggin Georgia Tech Bastards!!!!

9:27 AM  
Blogger Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

Wait a minute, I just checked and........I'm still beating you!

Happp Happy, Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy!

9:32 AM  
Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

You know what? Did I ask for gloating? I don't think I did...

Still, it's not your fault that the tourney is filled with bastards this year. Can't win a freakin game...Freakin bastards!

9:46 AM  
Blogger "Lisa" said...

hey I LOVE the tourney. I was in first place for several days and am in second now. Honestly this is the best showing I have ever had. I might actually finish in the top 5 this year. Oh Happy Day.
P.S. But Sryacuse and Wake Forest are awful awful bastards

12:29 PM  

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