Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Tale of Two Sisters

CC: “Reese, give me some money.”

Reese: “What?”

CC: “I need some money.”

Reese: “Don’t you have a job?”

CC: “Yes, but my boss is a jerk, so now I need some money.”

Reese [sighing]: “What happened?”

CC: “Man, he’s so stupid! He told me to go do something, and I was like, “No, I don’t wanna do it.” And then, he was like “Well, you better do it.” And then, I was all, “Whatever, I ain’t doin’ it! Make someone else do it.”

Reese: “Uh-huh…”

CC: “And then, he was like, “I told you to do it!” And then I said, “I told you, I ain’t gonna do it. So get outta my face!”

Reese: “And then, he was like “You’re fired,” right, CC?”

CC: “Man, that fool is whack!”

Reese: “I can’t believe you got fired.”

CC: “Man, I didn’t get fired. Look at me! I’m short and cute. He just started laughing and said next time I have to do what he says.”

Reese: “You mean, you didn’t get fired?”

CC: “Nah, man, I didn’t get fired.”

Reese: “So, then why do you need money from me?”

CC: “Because you’re a lawyer, man! I know you got some money!”

Reese: “I work for the taxpayers, CC. And right now, the taxpayers are being really cheap.”

CC: “Yea, well, that sounds like a personal problem to me.”

Reese: [silence]

CC: “Gimmie some money!!!”

Reese: “I swear for god, I don’t know how you and I became sisters!”

CC: “I know. You must be adopted.”

Reese: “I must be adopted?!?!”

CC: “How am I gonna have a sister who’s a lawyer, but she ain’t never got any money?!?!”

Reese: “I didn’t know I went to law school to provide you with money, CC.”

CC: “You’re completely worthless to me!”

Reese: “I know.”

CC: “Worthless!!!”

Reese: “Well, I do try my best to be of no use.”

CC: “Well, you’re doing a good job!”

Reese: “Thank you.”

CC: “You’re welcome.”


CC: “Reese, can I have some money now?”

Reese: “NO!!!!”

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Blogger This Girl I Used to Know said...

Gotta love that family togetherness at holiday time!

9:07 AM  
Blogger Karla said...

LOL, oh man i love this post reminds me of my sisters. hmmm i going to give them a call.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Deshaun said...

Great post! This hits home on so many'd be shocked! :-)

6:08 PM  
Blogger tannia g. robles said...

I love that conversation with the sis! Unfortunately for me, the roles are turned. I'm the youngest and I have that conversation with my older sister. Come on, I don't believe you didn't give her any money.

4:48 PM  
Blogger "Lisa" said...

WHy do younger sisters think older sisters exist to support them. I wish they would give ME some money every now and then. Geez! Damn Bastards

5:19 PM  
Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

Man, Tannia, do you know how much money I spent on that girl this past week? I paid for her to go to the movies (twice!), and for movie food, AND to for HER $25.00 meal at an expensive italian restaraunt that she said I just "had to experience." What she conveniently forgot was that she did not have any money for said restaraunt.

Yea, she got enough money from me. She didn't need anymore.



8:37 AM  
Blogger tannia g. robles said...

See I knew there was more to that story. I knew you had given her something.

6:43 PM  

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