Sunday, December 14, 2008

Songs of 2008

It's time for Song of the Year.

I can't believe I've done this consistently for the last four years!

God, I feel old.

Whatever! Okay, let's get down to business...

Song of the Year...blah, blah, blah...other songs on the list unranked...blah, blah, blah...who will Mute Math's "Typical" pass the crown to this year...blah, blah, blah...

If you know anything about me and who my favorite artist is and also know that said favorite artist had an album that came out this year, then you really shouldn't be surprised....

SONG OF THE YEAR............

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...................





"Citizen of the Planet" by Alanis Morissette

Yeah, Alanis!!!! I was really feeling this song with me going to China for the Olympics and all. It was my 2008 theme song. And, also, it's Alanis and you guys know I think she can do no wrong.

Incidentally, Alanis also has won my coveted CD of the Year award for Flavors of Entanglement.

That's two years in a row that a rock artist has won Song of the Year and CD of the Year (Mute Math won both awards last year). Hip-hop artists really need to step it up. You're starting to lose me.

Anyways, here's the rest of the best (long list this year). Go make an awesome playlist for your new Blackberry Storm. ;)


"4 Minutes" Madonna f/t Justin Timberlake

"20/20" Alanis Morissette

"American Boy" Estelle f/t Kanye West

"A Milli" Lil' Wayne

"Beggin' (Palooski Radio Edit)" Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons

"Cry for You" September

"Damaged" Danity Kane

"Disturbia" Rihanna

"Feedback" Janet

"Free" Marcus Miller f/t Corinne Bailey Rae, David Sanborn, Gregoi

"Giggling Again for No Reason" Alanis Morissette

"Girls Around the World" Lloyd f/t Lil' Wayne

"Green Light" John Legend f/t Andre 3000

"I Decided" Solange

"If I Never See Your Face Again [remix]" Maroon 5 f/t Rihanna

"I'm That Chick" Mariah Carey

"Just Dance" Lady Gaga f/t Colby O'Donis

"Let it Slide" Joanna (officially released in 2006, but I just discovered it this year...good looking out on the advertising front Geffen Records)

"Lights Out" Danity Kane

"Magic" Robin Thicke

"Never Would Have Made It" Marvin Sapp

"No Air" Jordin Sparks f/t Chris Brown

"On the Tequilla" Alanis Morissette

"Orchid" Alanis Morissette

"Paper Planes" M.I.A.

"Pretend" Cheri Dennis

"Pretty Boy" Danity Kane

"Rock wit U" Janet

"Shawty Get Loose" Lil' Mama f/t Chris Brown

"Shone" Ballgreazy

"So Much Betta" Janet

"So What" Pink

"Spotlight" Jennifer Hudson

"Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" Beyonce

"Take a Bow" Rihanna

"Tapes" Alanis Morissette

"That's What You Get" Paramore

"Untouched" The Veronicas

"Viva La Vida" Coldplay (pending verification that Coldplay did not steal this song)

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Blogger Haneefah said...

I am ok with most of this list except 4 minutes (terible song) and take a bow (that album had so many way better songs.) also your list is missing TI who had a banner comeback this year.

I am suprised there is no Kanye although he has had much better music in the past.


2:07 PM  
Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

First of all, Haneefah is here!!!

For those who don't know, this is Lisa's sister. :)

Second of all, Haneefah, as you're new to the "Songs of the Year" post, I must request that you please not be offended by what I'm about to say. It's a running Song of the Year joke. it goes...



Now to address your points:

4 Minutes had trumpets in it! TRUMPETS!

Take a Bow was a great song and Rihanna was well represented on the list this year (3 songs!). So, I would say you're correct, her album was great; but these were the songs that competed best with the rest of the industry...ummm, according to my ear. ;)

No TI because Lil' Wayne is the only hip-hop artist who I think can claim having a banner year (and I still don't get how that happened, but yeah...). And, also, I quickly got sick of "Whatever You Like" (although I do like that song he did with Rihanna; just fell short of making the list).

No Kanye because he's singing now and I'm totally not feeling it.

Hip-hop artists should not sing!

7:29 AM  
Blogger Desiree said...

your list sucks dude. I dont even know half those songs.

hi! hope I didnt offend you by saying your list sucks.


8:09 PM  
Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...


I've been looking for you! You need to email me, chica!

And no you didn't offend me as every year all you guys ever do is tell me how my list sucks. Lol! You know what you gonna get now?

Make yo' own list! This is my list! Make yo' own list!

[Reese snaps fingers]

7:00 AM  
Anonymous DreddedOne said...

Alanis Morrissette wins your award every year. What is up with that?

4:14 PM  
Blogger Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...


11:29 AM  

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