Saturday, October 25, 2008


My friend PJ (nee Leslye) got married eons ago to her hubby, Dr. J. And yes, I'm just posting about it now. Hey, it's not my fault. Vicky4 totally broke down on me.

Anyways, the wedding was so gorgeous and totally different just like PJ. And, believe it or not, the wedding went off without any major hitches or any serious drama. Well, there was a bit of drama for me when we (the bridal party) went to get our hair done, but I'm not going to talk about that unpleasantness for fear of writing a blog post in ALL CAPS TO EXPRESS MY INTENSE RAGE!!!


Okay, here are some pictures from PJ's lovely wedding weekend along with my ever so witty captions. I've omitted most of the pictures of myself because no one needs to see me looking like a huge Red Delicious come to life...


Seriously, this is what I looked like at the wedding.

[Begin Actual Wedding Pictures]


PJ (nee Leslye) had a Henna Bachelorette Party. Here's the lovely KT/Katy/Catherine/Kat (I think I've renamed Katy five times on this blog) in the midst of delicate Henna surgery.


This is how you get crucial wedding updates on your cell, while protecting your Henna, while admiring your other henna.


Hands of Henna. Actually this was a lot of fun. Oh, and PJ my Henna has not gone away yet. Now I look like I have leprosy!


Katy and her husband JR. Awwww, they're so cute. And JR is an awesome dancer!


This is me and PJ's (nee Leslye's) cousin and maid of honor. On this blog, she shall henceforth be named "Tens." Because she's super cool. :)


Hey did you guys know that I know someone famous? PJ's (nee Leslye's...yes, I'm going to keep doing this) brother Paul James. He plays "Calvin" on the ABC Family drama Greek. Go ask some kiddies about the show. They all love it and Paul too.


Little do they know that Paul is not as cool as he looks on television. Let this be a lesson for you children.


PJ (nee...okay, I'm not going to do it anymore) and her familia. Awwww, I like this picture.


But this is my FAVORITE picture of the wedding weekend. I think Katy and Tens look gorgeous here!


It's time to go!


PJ just realized she's getting married.


But, she's not marrying herself! Finally, here's Dr. J and his groomsmen.


Look, now they're married. You can tell because they have that marriage "glow."


I'm not going to say "bling, bling" because I know you are totally expecting that.


It's true. You are not as cool as these guys. I'm sorry. You'll just have to deal.


In their first official action as husband and wife, PJ and Dr. J decided to mutilate a helpless and innocent cake. As you can see, Paul didn't try to stop them. He just took pictures.

Okay, so that's PJ's wedding weekend. It really was a blast. And now I'm totally excited for Eliza's wedding. I know it's going to fabulous. You should see pictures from that wedding on this blog in 2015.

Well, maybe a little bit sooner. I'm sure I'll put those up eventually.

Uhhh, you know it really depends on if I end up looking like a giant fruit again. We'll see. ;p~~~

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Blogger Lez said...

the updater notification thingie must not be working otherwise i'd have seen these days ago!! you got some great shots that I haven't seen yet!!! Loving them!!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Lez said...

Oh yeah, and you looked bea-yoo-tee-ful at the wedding!! So stop tripping. thank you thank you thank you!

2:00 PM  
Blogger Reese The Law Girl said...

I'm going to have to check out what's going on with Feedburner. You should have received a notification. Hmmmm...

Anyhoo, thank you for the kind words. I guess we were a pretty fly wedding party. ;)

6:27 PM  
Blogger Tbyrd said...

Nice pix! The wedding was beautiful; and you were gorgeous so hush up!

8:48 AM  
Blogger derek said...

Vicky 4.

I have Bluewing. I stopped naming my machines after GI Joe made me have negative feelings about GI Joe.

11:50 PM  

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