Sunday, March 15, 2009

SD Bracket Challenge! Join Now 'Cause I Says So!!





Look, I know I’ve been slacking on the blog, but I’ve been tired and not feeling any inspiration. But, just because I haven’t been around doesn’t mean that you should take your lack of apathy out on March Madness! What did March Madness ever do to you?!?

Now, I’m switching things up this year. We’re moving the SD Bracket Challenge from CNN/Sports Illustrated to ESPN. So, you will have to register on ESPN to join. The instructions on how to join are below.

Please don't think you have to have any basketball knowledge to play. Most of the time the people who win these things pick teams based on colors or school names (CC won a challenge one year just because she liked saying "Connecticut" over and over again). So please join, play, and trash talk (On ESPN we can have group conversations (on the lower right hand side of the group page). So we must trash talk! In fact, this year I will give an award to the Best Trash Talker. So you know…start…talking…trash or whatever!).

Okay, so follow the directions below. Do it! Do it! The more people we have the more fun!

PS: You only have until the early morning hours of Thursday, March 19th to pick your teams so hurry! Don’t start an entry and then fill out the brackets later. You’ll forget, trust me. Sign up and pick your bracket now (and pick a creative Team Name). You can always change your picks later.


1) Go here. If you don’t have an ESPN account you have to register.

2) Once you register, you may have to go back to the front page of the ESPN tourney challenge (click the link in step one). Basically, you want your browser to look something like THIS.

3) From the front page you can create an entry and also join the SD Bracket Challenge. To join the SD Bracket Challenge, just click “Join a Group” find “SD Bracket Challenge” and then enter the password: lawgirl.

It’s as simple as that!

So get going. Do it now! Now!! Reese commands you!

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