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Bed Experience

"Lisa" will be your guide today. Enjoy...

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Beijing Update #3

Needless to say, I've been back from Beijing for some time now. Anyhoo, I never did post my last Beijing update, so here it is in it's entirety for the most part. I'm finally getting pictures and everything uploaded in different places. Hopefully I will have my Beijing pictures uploaded to my FLIKR swatch thingy pretty soon.

Anyways, here's the last China e-mail that I sent to my friends and family. A Youtube video of our hotel room is next. :)


Zaoshung Hao!

Well, this will be my last update from Beijing. It is 1:21AM in the morning and we just got back from our last event at the Bird's Nest. We saw Athletics (track) which was very exciting, but more on that later.

After the Forbidden Palace and Tienanmen Square a few days ago, we decided to take a break and do some shopping. We went to the Cotton Market (also called Yashow). It's like haggler's central there. The vendors are very aggressive and if you want a good price you have to haggle hard like you've never haggled before. Naturally, Lisa and I left the penny pinching ways to our resident money lover, CC. Here is how to haggle the CC way in Beijing:

Vendor: "Ohhh, beautiful lady, how about a lovely handbag?"

CC: "Hmmm...I like this one, how much?"

Vendor: "For you, because I like you so much..."

CC [interrupts]: " don't even know me..."

Vendor: "1500 Yuan (about $224.00 US)"

CC: "Absolutely not. I'm leaving."

Vendor: "Awww, you make me sad. Okay, I'll give you a good deal-- 1000 Yuan."

CC: "Seriously? No."

Vendor: "Awwww, you are terrible. C'mon this is good quality..."

CC: "It's stolen off the back of a truck..."

Vendor: "You tell me how much then?"

CC: "Fine. 150 Yuan."


CC: "And you'll make me cry if I have to pay your price."

Vendor: "Oh, you are horrible!!"

CC: "Yes, I am."

Vendor: "Awww, come on. This is great quality. Very R&B..."

CC: "What?"

Vendor: "I'll give it to you for 500 Yuan."

CC: "No. You know what, we are too far apart. I'll go somewhere else."

Vendor: "Awww, you are so terrible. Okay 300 Yuan."

CC: "No. Absolutely not."

Vendor: "Come on. Give me a good deal."

CC: "I'll do 160."

Vendor: "Awwww, you are so cheap!"

CC: "Insulting me will get you no where."

Vendor: "Awww, come one. 200? It's very R&B"

CC: "What? Why do you keep saying that?"

Vendor: "Come on. Come on!"

CC: "160 is my final offer."

Vendor: "Oh, you are so cheap. Oh, okay. I like you. You haggle like the Chinese, so I'll give you the Chinese price."

CC: "Mmmm-hmmmm..."

Vendor [turns to look at me]: "Oh, my god she's so horrible and cheap! You should do something!"

Reese: "I am. I'm going to take this bag she just bought for me. Ha!"

Now, compare this method to the Reese/Suhir way of negotiating:

Vendor: "Oh, hello beautiful American lady."

Lisa/Reese: "Hi..."

Vendor: "Do you like these shoes? I'll give them to you for 1500 Yuan."

Lisa/Reese: "No, that's too much."

Vendor: "Awwww, you are so horrible! You are terrible. You make me cry..."

Lisa/Reese: "Oh, I'm not trying to offend you, but..."

Vendor: "Awww, I have a child to feed. I'm only allowed one child in China and now my one child will starve because you are so cheap even though you are rich Americans compared to the Chinese...."

Lisa/Reese: "No, wait..."

Vendor: "Ohhh, I'm so sad. You make me cry..."

Lisa/Reese: "DON'T CRY!!!"

Vendor: "Please, buy from me for 1000 Yuan?"


As you can see, the Lisa/Reese method of haggling was no good; thus, we made CC our official buyer at Yashow.

The next day after shopping we went to Wangfujing (I'm totally spelling this wrong) which is like a mall and also in the evening a night market where they sell strange foods (like deep friend scorpion). We kinda messed up our timing and ended up buying things at the mall, but then missing the night market so we plan on going to that part of Wangfujing tomorrow night.

Yesterday evening we went to the Taekwondo event that featured American siblings Mark and Diana Lopez. We didn't really understand the scoring system, but it was Taekwondo and people were getting kicked in the head so we thought it was awesome. Diana won the bronze medal and Mark won the silver medal. He almost won the Gold and only lost by one point in, literally, the final second of the match.

Anyways, we were in the center section and the only Americans in that section (we were literally surrounded by Chinese and Koreans). BUT, we were the loudest people in the arena, I'm telling you! When Diana and Mark got their medals on the medal stand they both turned to us and waved and thanked us for cheering (I have it on video tape)!! We were so happy that all of OUR hard work paid off with some shout outs (not Mark and Diana's hard work, they didn't do nothin'-- lol!).

Let's we went to the Summer Palace and the Temple of the Heaven. Really, I can't describe it, but both places are very beautiful. The Temple of Heaven is no longer a temple and more like a park. People play games and do street performances and stuff-- it's really cool.

The Summer Palace was a retreat for the royalty many, many years ago. It was burned down in one of China's opium wars, but rebuilt by the "Dragon Lady" Empress. Now it's a world heritage site. Unfortunately, the Dragon Lady spent tons of money to rebuild the Summer Palace to the detriment of the Chinese people (the money she spent could have gone to the military (I think navy) to protect the Chinese from the British or something...I can't quite remember...I just remember that she screwed up her country).

Later that night, we went back to the Olympic Greens to see track and FINALLY GOT ON THE TODAY SHOW!!! Really, this was my mission in life--to be on the Today show--and it finally happened!

It was really cool. I met Al Rocker and Meredith Viera. I explained to the Chinese people who Meredith, Al, and Anne were all the while thinking "You're Chinese and don't even know what the Today show is. Go away, you're taking up valuable TV mugging space!" But, I didn't say that out loud.

We met the Gold medal winning women's soccer team and the Gold medal winning men's beach volleyball team. We also met the silver medal winning women's water polo team. Of course, all of these people were Americans. And they were all pretty cool (except some of the soccer team looked like they didn't want to be there; CC and I didn't understand why they were so salty, I mean they did just win a gold medal--whatever!).

After the Today show, we finally made it back to the Bird's Nest for the last time (so sad :(. I won't tell you the results because they haven't aired in the US yet, but I will tell you there's some shocking stuff that happened in the 4 x 100 relay (Reese Edit: Jamaican Women lost) and an American did win a medal (Reese Edit: Gold in Decathlon).

Well, that's all for now. We're off to the gold and bronze medal women's basketball game tomorrow. Most likely, we will skip the bronze medal game to do more shopping (because CC just needs to get more stuff), go to the night market, and then go to the gold medal game. So, look for us tomorrow on NBC. We'll be the girls with crazy cow boy hats, leis, and basketball sunglasses!

Peace and Love,

Reese xoxo

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